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Three people saved from a burning building, a man causing trouble between his two wives and numerous party animals 

Writing by Eve Marx

Artwork by Cara McPartland


Mother and two children saved from smoked filled home 

A mother and two children were saved from a burning building in the early morning hours of May 31 on Park Avenue in Bedford Hills. On police arrival, the mother was found in distress hanging out a bathroom window; two children were trapped inside. Police forced entry, kicking in a rear door to battle a heavy smoke condition with poor visibility. Following the cries of a ten year old, the child was pulled from the residence. Bedford Hills firefighters arrived on scene and entered while police broke windows and removed air conditioning units to locate the second child. Climbing on a ledge, they accessed a window and removed a terrified nine year old. All three survivors were transported to the county medical center by Katonah Bedford Hills Ambulance to be treated for smoke inhalation. Bedford Hills firefighters quickly extinguished the fire which was not found to be suspicious. 

Turtle assisted back into the wild 

A Bedford police officer on May 27 assisted a snapping turtle who was reported as causing a traffic issue on Bedford Road near Harris Road. The officer secured a 30’ cord around the turtle’s shell, got the reptile out of the roadway and to a safe, wooded water source before releasing it back into the wild. 

Loud music from across the pond 

Loud music was reported on May 28 by a caller on Pea Pond Road who said the music was coming from a home across the pond. Police went to that residence and spoke with an uncooperative woman who finally accepted that it would be a good idea if she turned the music down. The complainant was advised to call back if the noise continued. 


On May 28, a caller reported an injured coyote on Babbitt Road who directed an officer to an opening into the woods where she said the coyote ran. Police looked for the animal but couldn’t find it. They told the woman to call back if she saw it again. 

Attempted scam

On May 29, an East Fields Road resident reported a possible scam landing on his doorstep after he began receiving notices from a utility company that they were coming soon to remove his meter for nonpayment. He said he always pays his bill and was re-routed to another number where he was supposed to speak to a representative who identified herself as an employee of an entirely different utility. He hung up, but the original caller called back and only hung up when he said he was calling the police. 

Not nuisance barking 

Dogs were reported barking for over half an hour on May 30 on Burbank Avenue. Police arrived at the reported home and saw two dogs behind an electric fence. The dogs barked briefly when they saw him, but they soon stopped. The officer thought there was no cause for concern and no further action was taken. 

Threatening messages 

Police went to the Fox Lane Middle School campus on May 31 to assist with an issue between some students. They said a young couple broke up; afterwards, friends of the girl began sending the boy threatening messages indicating they would mess him up. Police say none of this messaging happened while the students were on school property and that the students are all middle schoolers. A report was made for documentation and school authorities would address the incidents. 


A nine-year-old girl who tumbled off a horse on June 1 from a private equestrian property in Bedford Hills was transported to the hospital via ambulance for an injured arm. On arrival, the police said the child was on the ground. Bedford firefighters stabilized her until medics arrived. 

Potential tenant problem 

A Buxton Road homeowner/landlord contacted police on June 1 regarding issues she said arose after interviewing a potential tenant. When he came to check out the apartment in person, she didn’t like his vibe. She Googled him later and discovered some things she didn’t like, which made her anxious about taking him on as a tenant. Police told her not to contact him and should he contact her, she should say the unit is rented and no longer available. 

Pro tip: Don’t send your current wife to talk to your first 

Police went to a residence in Katonah on June 2 to assist in a custody issue. A man (foolishly?) sent his current wife to pick up his children at a park for a hand-off from his first wife, the children’s mother. This triggered a situation that resulted in an incident between the women. The current wife said the first wife was irate when she came instead of the children’s father, and she reported the mother was very upset that there was no booster seat in the car to transport one child. The first wife not was not present to be interviewed. A report was made for documentation only. 


North Castle 

Drove over his lawn 

On May 24, a caller on Maryland Avenue reported an unknown individual drove across his lawn overnight, damaging it. Police went out, took pictures and made a report. It’s unknown if the reporting party has cameras on the property to assist in identifying the culprit. 

Bear sightings

On May 25, a bear, or perhaps a person, was reported by a resident on Carey Drive. She said she saw who or whatever it was on her Ring camera at the rear of her property. Police searched the area but saw neither a bear nor a suspicious person. Then, on May 25, a calleron Evergreen Row reported a black bear in her backyard. The bear was gone when police arrived. 

Fell, can’t get up 

A caller on Nicholas Road on May 25 reported her elderly mother fell and was unable to get up. Police and emergency responders arrived on the scene and mom went to the hospital via ambulance. 

Solitary drinker 

A caller on May 25 on Kent Place reported a man drinking in his car in a parking lot near a dumpster. The car was described as a black two-door Honda. Police patrolled the area but the secret drinker had departed. 

Dial down the music, party animals 

Police received multiple reports of loud parties on May 25 on Leisure Farm Drive, Robin Lane and Lafayette Avenue. Police went to each of the complained-about residences and all hosts said they would turn their music down. 

Where’s the party? 

On May 26, a caller on Round Hill Road reported a man with long blond hair wearing a black sweatshirt and sweatpants appeared, unannounced and uninvited to her residence. He said he’d heard there was a party going on. When he was told there was no party, he went away. She asked police to come by to check her property; they said the man or any evidence of him was gone. 

Leave the ladder climbing to a pro 

On May 27, a woman reported that her husband was bleeding from the head after falling off a 20’ ladder at their home. The man was transported to Westchester Medical Center by ambulance, condition unknown. 

Courtesy ride 

A blind man was given a courtesy ride to his home on May 27 after requesting assistance. He said he normally walked, but he was reluctant due to the inclement weather. 

Turtle time 

A caller on Whippoorwill Road East on May 28 asked to assist a turtle that was navigating crossing the roadway. Police stopped traffic until the turtle safely made it across where it was escorted into the woods. A second turtle was safely relocated May 29 by police on North Broadway. 

Caller witnesses possible assault or abuse 

A North Castle resident on May 28 reported a man in blue jeans and flip flops was pinning down a disabled man, screaming at them and not letting them leave their vehicle. The caller said they witnessed this in the parking lot of the Kensico Dam area by the swings. County police were notified of the report to follow up on the possible incident. 

Dialed 911 by mistake 

On May 28, a caller on Thornewood Road called to say they’d just called 911 by mistake due to a misunderstanding. She said she called because a stranger was knocking on doors and windows around her house before realizing it was her brother trying to get her attention to let him in and his phone had died. 

This report was made from official reports provided by the Bedford and North Castle Police Departments.

Eve Marx

Eve Marx is a national journalist, book author and writing coach. She has worked with the police and writing police reports for a very long time. She has a master's degree in education from Teachers College, Columbia University and is the author of numerous books, including "101 Things You Didn't Know About Sex" and "Flirtspeak." Her essay collection, "View From the Porch: Tales from the Anti-Hamptons" won a Washington Irving book award. A longtime resident of Westchester, she now makes her home on the west coast, where she lives with her husband, R.J. Marx, a journalist and jazz musician. She is currently working on a crime novel.

Cara McPartland

Cara McPartland is a sophomore at John Jay High School. In her free time, you can find her listening to music, playing the cello or drawing. "I’ve been drawing since I was a kid, and it’s something I do whenever I have time," she says. "I'm inspired by TV shows, YouTube as well as people in real life (actors, musicians and others). One of my characters is actually based on Taylor Swift; he kind of has the same personality, and is a famous singer as well." Cara is a member of her school’s orchestra, and she spends her weekends working as part of the stage crew for the school productions.