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Trash talk, a stolen boat and unwanted visitors 


This one isn’t the thief 

Police are investigating a report May 6 regarding a larceny from the gas mart on Haines Road in Bedford Hills said to have occurred some time before. The caller said the suspect was currently inside the store. Police arrived and it was quickly determined this was the wrong person and that the individual they are looking for is a juvenile.  

Girlfriend reports domestic incident in the past 

A woman came to headquarters May 6 to report she and her romantic partner had a disagreement April 21 at their shared Chestnut Ridge, Bedford Hills residence. She said the argument was verbal only but only weeks later did she think it was worth documenting. A New York State domestic incident report was completed on her behalf. 

That’s your child, not a burglar 

A caller May 7 on Falcon Woods Road, Bedford, reported someone inside the house who shouldn’t be there. She said she was upstairs with her kids when she heard strange noises in the kitchen. Police arrived and searched outside the house and then downstairs. They spoke with the caller who said she realized it was her son in the kitchen and there was no problem. 

Don’t talk trash about my brother 

Police went to an apartment complex in Katonah on Harris Road for a report of a fight in progress; on arrival, both parties had separated and retreated to their own units. Two men in their late 40’s were interviewed by police who say alcohol was involved and there was some pushing and shoving. Police said the argument began when one man spoke disparagingly about the other man’s family member. Neither man wished to pursue charges against the other and police left the area. 

Injured raccoon too close to house 

A caller on Cottage Place, Katonah reported May 7 a sick or injured raccoon very close to the house. Police arrived and saw the animal should be dispatched but was lying alongside the home’s foundation making it impossible to safely dispatch. The homeowner said they would call a wildlife service to resolve the problem. 

Car vs cyclist 

A car struck a cyclist May 7 on Bedford Road in Bedford Hills. Police say the driver was just coming off the parkway and didn’t see the cyclist in the crosswalk. No one was injured and no damage was sustained to either the car or the bicycle. 

Prescription meds and alcohol a bad mix 

An older man was transported to the hospital via ambulance May 8 from his home in Bedford Hills after accidentally mixing alcohol with prescribed medication. 

Socked by a softball 

A Pawling woman, 45, was struck by a softball during a game at the Bedford Village Memorial Park on Greenwich Road. Police say the ball struck her upper chest and throat and she was experiencing trouble talking and breathing. She was transported to the hospital by ambulance personnel.  

Cleaner waiting for her ride 

A caller May 9 reported a middle aged woman she thought looked suspicious sitting on rocks on Goldens Bridge Road, Katonah. Police met with the woman,  a house cleaner from Portchester, who said she was waiting for her husband to pick her up. They found her sitting on a low rock wall. Her husband arrived ten minutes later and there was no problem. 

Fancy watch not missing after all 

A caller on Plateau Lane, Bedford reported May 10 her Rolex watch was missing from where she normally keeps it. Detectives came to the house to help her search and determined the watch was in the house, just in a different location. 

Give it up for the Girl Scouts 

Police responded to a last minute request May 10 to come to the Katonah Elementary School to visit a Girl Scout troop looking to earn their law enforcement badges. An officer met the Scouts and their Scoutmaster for ten minutes and gave a brief talk about police work. 


An employee at the gas mart on Haines Road in Bedford Hills reported May 10 an unknown party stole a single bottle of Corona beer and left without paying. A report was made for documentation. 

Intoxicated man causes a ruckus 

An employee of the athletic department on the Fox Lane campus reported May 10 an intoxicated man was causing a ruckus during an intramural event taking place on school grounds. The man left prior to police arrival but police traced his license plate to an address in Rockland County. They notified the Clarkstown School District about the man’s behavior and a report was made for documentation. 

North Castle 

Tra la la

A caller on Whippoorwill Road East May 3 reported a person walking and yelling near his property. Police responding say the person is a performer at Whippoorwill Hall and was doing vocal warm up exercises. 

Noisy party annoys neighbor

An Intervale Avenue caller May 3 reported a loud party making noise after 10 p.m. Police went to the party house and advised the residents of the complaint. They said they would try to be more quiet. 

Bad driving 

A driver on Cox Avenue was pulled over May 4; during the traffic stop it soon became apparent the operator was driving with a suspended license. They were processed curbside and given summonses. 

Old, faded graffiti 

A Round Hill Road resident May 4 came to headquarters to report graffiti on rocks and on his children’s swing set. Police arrived to take a look and said the graffiti was old and very faded and there weren’t any cameras in the area. A report was made for documentation only. 

Elderly man causes a disturbance 

An elderly man was reported May 4 causing a disturbance in the lacrosse field stands on Tripp Lane. He was described wearing a gray and white Adidas windbreaker. It was unclear if he was still on scene when police arrived. They reported “matters were adjusted.” 

Stolen boat 

A resident walked into headquarters May 5 to report their boat was stolen from the shores of Byram Lake. Police are investigating. 

Just pulling up old carpet 

A caller on Raven Court May 5 reported the house next door, which they said is in foreclosure, has been busy all evening after a pick up truck arrived; the caller said all night multiple people could be seen going in and out of the residence. Police came to check and spoke to a crew who’d been hired to remove carpeting. 

Ran off into the woods 

A caller on Cole Drive May 6 reported a sick raccoon in her backyard. Police on arrival said the animal ran off into the woods and didn’t appear sick. 

“Street” is a troublemaker 

A Nethermont Avenue caller May 6 said a party only known to her as “Street” was banging on her door after she told him to leave. Police looked for this individual without result and a report was made of the incident. 

Threatening women 

Police received a 911 call May 7 from a business on North Broadway; the caller said two women entered the store and began threatening the store owner. They were gone before police arrived but depositions were taken. 

Unlikely joggers 

Police received multiple reports May 7 about individuals running from their driveways. One call was from a resident on Carey Drive; another was from a caller on Banksville Road. In both cases no surveillance video was available and neither caller could give a description of the person or persons or what make, color or model car they fled in. 

But what did they take? 

Theft was reported May 8 from a business on Bedford Road. What was taken or its value was not included in this report. 

This report was made from official reports from the Bedford and North Castle police departments. 

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