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We start the conversation.

Our social media presence engages with local influencers and businesses to set the narrative in our community.

A quick glance at our presence on platforms such as Instagram show the excitement and energy that Connect To brings to our neighborhood. Whether it’s a stunning video or an eye-catching post, we excel at beginning discussions, alerting people to local events and setting the tone for our region.

“At least once a week, I run into other agents, friends, or neighbors in my community who tell me they saw my ad in Connect To. I advertise in other publications as well, but people only mention my ad in Connect To. The magazine’s beautiful, upscale layout really makes my ad stand out.”

Kathleen Usherwood,
Compass Realtor

Powerful Partners

We are proud to work with the biggest and best cultural institutions in our community. Connect To is the perfect partner for any business looking to promote a product or event.

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Reach over 21,500+ homes and businesses directly on our pages.


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No publication in the region produces custom videos like this. Period.

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