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Cat stuck in a tree (yes, really), an unstable friend and an intoxicated man returns to the hospital

Writing by Eve Marx

Artwork by Justin Negard


Smoke but no fire 

Smoke was reported on May 13 coming from the roof of the Village Green Deli in Bedford Village. The owner said there was a problem with the boiler. The scene was turned over to Bedford firefighters. No injuries were reported. 

Mom afraid for son 

A juvenile was transported from his home in Bedford Hills to Northern Westchester hospital by ambulance on May 13 after arguing with his mother and then locking himself in his room. Police say the boy was suspended from school but wanted to go out and meet his friends, to which his mother took issue. At first, he refused to speak with an officer, but he eventually agreed to the transport for emotional evaluation and assistance. 

Thief steals credit cards, driver’s license from Katonah car 

A car break-in was reported on May 14 in Katonah; police said the incident happened overnight. The reporting party said he saw a person rummaging through his unlocked car, and he said credit cards and his driver’s license were stolen. The reporting party said shortly after the theft, he began receiving notifications of unauthorized purchases being made in the Bronx. He successfully canceled his cards. Detectives are investigating. 

Political graffiti 

Police received a report on May 14 regarding graffiti written in chalk on the Verizon building on Woods Bridge Road; police said it was political in nature. The building manager declined to press charges but wanted the vandalism documented. They said they would contact their property management to remove the graffiti. 

Stranded at the train station 

Around 1 a.m., police received a call about a woman on the train platform in Katonah on May 15. Upon arrival, the woman told police she’d just gotten off the train and was trying to find a taxi or an Uber to get her to Connecticut. Police were also unsuccessful in trying to get her a cab. Eventually, she was able to find an Uber to pick her up and no further assistance was needed. 

Right back to the hospital with you 

On May 16, an intoxicated man was reported at a dental office on South Bedford Road. Bedford police assisted county police, who said the man was recently released from a hospital. He was assisted into an ambulance and returned to the hospital. It appeared he was ill, but not necessarily intoxicated. 

That’s not a human 

On May 16, a caller reported a person lying on one side of the road on Old Post Road. On arrival, police saw an old dog bed rolled up on the side of the road, not a person. The highway department was notified to pick it up. 

Child reported missing, found near home 

A young male child was reported missing from his home in Bedford Hills on May 16; the parent reported he has a medical issue. On their arrival, a woman flagged down the police to tell them the child was missing. There was a language barrier but police were able to search the residence and surrounding area. Multiple units responded to help find the child, who was located shortly after and not far from home at his aunt’s place. The aunt said he walked to her from his house. Mother and child were reunited and no further assistance was required.  

Cat stuck in a tree 

A cat was reported stuck in a tree on Church Street in Bedford Hills on May 17. Bedford firefighters helped the cat get out of the tree.

Your friend is a little unstable 

On May 18, a caller on Babbitt Road, Bedford Hills reported receiving unwanted messages from an old friend to whom she provided unsolicited medical advice. The reporting party said her advice made the friend very angry, and the friend then peppered her with a series of angry texts.  Police advised her to block the friend’s number.  

Can’t get dog back inside house 

A resident on Indian Hill Road in Bedford called police for assistance on May 18 because he needed help getting his dog back inside the house. An officer arrived and provided light, likely in the form of a flashlight, which helped the man find his dog. No further assistance was requested. 

Not a good day at the pace 

A woman, 35, from Brooklyn was reportedly thrown from a horse on May 19 at an equestrian sporting event in Katonah. The caller met emergency responders on the pavement and led them to where the woman fell on the BRLA trail located off Jay Street. The fallen rider complained of severe pain in her left hip, and Katonah Lewisboro Volunteer Ambulance transported her to Westchester Medical Center. No information was provided about what became of her horse. 

North Castle

Anonymous tipster complains dogs bark all day 

Police received an anonymous call on May 10 about two barking dogs on Herkimer Lane. The caller said the dogs bark all day and are disturbing his peace. The dog control officer went to the dogs’ home and spoke with their owner, who said she would correct the matter. 

Teens’ behavior concerns neighbor

A caller on Hunter Drive on May 10 reported two cars driving around after dark; he said they were “checking cars” and were currently parked in front of his house. Police came around and saw some teens leaving a friend’s home. Nothing about their behavior seemed suspicious. 

Where’d they go? 

On May 11, it was reported that three motorcyclists were driving erratically on Bedford Banksville Road traveling southbound. If the police looked for them, they didn’t find them. 

Not causing any problem 

A caller on May 11 reported a man sitting on a wall behind a retail store on Maple Avenue. She said the man prevented her from entering her car when she was leaving work after dark because he was sitting very close to her car, which made her uncomfortable. She described him as long-haired and appearing to be possibly homeless. Police located the man shortly after; he was sitting on a bench and not causing any problem. 

Also not causing any problem 

A caller on May 13 reported a teenager walking on Hunter Drive carrying what might be a toy gun. It was described as being “blue and white.” Police looked for the teen but didn’t see him. 

Missing woman located 

On May 14, a woman, 20, was reported missing from her home in North Castle. She was reported running into the woods near Cranberry Lake. Three officers searched for her, and soon after the report was made,  she was found and transported to the county medical center; a police officer rode with her in the ambulance. 

No soliciting 

A caller on May 15 told police there were people soliciting outside his business on North Broadway. The caller said they left the area before police arrived.

This report was made from official reports provided by the Bedford Police Department and the North Castle Police Department. 


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