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Dirty looks, naked and angry, a life saved and light-fingered thieves caught on surveillance camera 


Prank “swatting” calls to local business 

Police met with the owner of a business in Bedford Hills on Bedford Road on April 29 after the owner received three calls from the same number in the past half hour where the caller threatened to come to the business to “shoot it up.” Two detectives researched the number but came up with nada. The business owner was advised it was likely a prank referred to as a swatting call. They remained on scene for some time but nothing suspicious happened. The business owner was advised to call back if they felt unsafe or received more unwanted messages. 

Still living with the ex 

A couple who still live together despite being broken up argued at their home on Church Street, Bedford Hills on April 30. Police spoke with the woman who said she was watching tv when her ex-boyfriend/roommate returned and promptly turned it off. This caused them to argue and police said there was some pushing and shoving. She said she wanted him to leave for the night and he did. A New York State domestic incident report was completed.  

Good dog 

The post office reported a loose dog hanging around on Adams Street on April 30. Police arrived and saw the dog, who also saw its owner and ran towards it. No assistance was required. 

Not welcome at Dunkin Donuts

On May 1, a manager at the Dunkin Donuts at the Bedford Shell on Haines Road reported reviewing surveillance footage and seeing a few items stolen three weeks earlier. Detectives studied the footage and identified the thief, a minor from Katonah. The manager said the youth was hanging around for some time; when asked what he was doing, he said he was waiting for a ride. During that time he stole a single vape pen and some key chains and a box of vapes before leaving on foot. He was later identified, and both his parents were contacted. The store manager said he didn’t care to press charges but only requested restitution for the stolen items and that the boy be trespassed. His dad paid for the stolen items and the boy was told he’s no longer welcome at Dunkin Donuts.

Asleep at the wheel 

A car struck a telephone pole on May 3 on S. Bedford Road and Bayberry Lane. When Bedford firefighters arrived on the scene, there was saw a single car with heavy damage. The driver, 66, wasn’t injured, but medical personnel evaluated him since his airbag deployed. He was eventually transported to Northern Westchester Hospital as a precaution. JV Towing was summoned to remove his car from the scene, and NYSEG was contacted regarding the damaged pole. The driver told police he fell asleep while driving home from work. 

Could you not shout and curse? I’m having people over.

On May 4, a caller on Harris Road, Bedford Hills reported that her neighbor was yelling and shouting profanities in the public area (which she says she was used to as they have a history); she wanted him to knock it off because she was having people over. Police spoke to the man who didn’t deny yelling or cursing and said he’d be quiet. 

A life saved

A man’s life was saved on May 4 at the Harvey School; police say they received an emergency call about a man down. By the time they arrived, someone was already administering CPR to a 78-year-old man from St. Louis, Missouri who was attending a basketball game. KVAC paramedics administered compression and shocks, and multiple paramedics took turns providing life saving efforts until the man regained a pulse. He was transported to the hospital by ambulance. 

Dirty looks

Police went to a home on Turin Avenue, Bedford Hills on May 4 after two men were reported arguing outside. Upon their arrival, they spoke to two brothers, one in his 40’s and the other in his 50’s, who said they’d gotten into an argument after one brother gave the other a dirty look. A New York State domestic incident report was completed. 

Party pooper

On May 5, a New Street, Katonah resident reported kids in the woods playing with flashlights. Police went to a nearby home and spoke with a parent who said his son was having a Star Wars-themed party. He was advised of the neighbor’s complaint and told police the party was ending and the kids were just waiting for their parents to pick them up. 

Naked and upset

A naked man was reported outside his home on May 5 on Birch Drive in Katonah. Police said this report came from a family member, and upon arrival they found the man, 31, inside and lying down in an upstairs hallway in his underwear. His father said he was having an emotional episode. The man became upset and turned combative. For his safety and the safety of others, he was restrained and placed in handcuffs. Shortly after, Katonah Bedford Hills Volunteer Ambulance transported him to Northern Westchester Hospital.  

North Castle 

Caught on camera

On April 26, an employee at the Stop & Shop on N. Broadway reported a previous theft. The thief’s activities were caught on surveillance video footage and turned over to police. Depositions were also taken. Police are investigating.  

Big dog at large 

A very large black dog was reported at large on April 26 on Hollow Ridge Road. The dog control officer looked for it, but the dog was nowhere to be found. 


On April 26, a business on Main Street reported they were victims of a theft that took place earlier. An officer was dispatched to the location to initiate paperwork. 


A hit-and-run was reported on April 26 on N. Broadway. The reporting party said the other car left the scene. Police took a report, and paperwork was issued to the complainant. 

Hit in the face by a baseball 

A woman attending a baseball game on Wampus Avenue on April 26 was hit in the face by a baseball during the game. She was reported to be profusely bleeding from her nose and was transported to Northern Westchester Hospital by ambulance. 

Tips for a long and prosperous life? Anyone? 

A caller on Hobby Farm Drive on April 27 reported that a man came to his front door asking if he had any tips to share for leading a long and prosperous life. He drove away in a light colored sedan, but the reporting party said he couldn’t make out the license plate. 

Pink ring

Someone walked into headquarters on April 27 to turn in a pink ring they found. The ring was logged as found property and secured in a locker.  

No ATVs on public streets

 A caller on April 27 reported kids driving an ATV on Orchard Drive. Officers responding had a word with the parents, advising that ATVs can only be ridden on their property and not on public streets.  

Why did the turtle cross the road? 

A turtle was reported in the roadway on April 28 on Day Road. Two officers responded to a passerby’s report and said that, when they arrived, the turtle had safely crossed. 

Marked stolen 

On April 28, an Upland Lane resident reported his car was stolen from his driveway. His BMW GPS indicated it was currently traveling on the Merritt Parkway. This information was broadcast to a number of law enforcement agencies, and the vehicle was entered into the EJustice system, marked stolen. 

Panic attack 

A homeowner who reported she was having a panic attack on April 29 on Agnew Farm Road said smoke alarms were activated in her kitchen and laundry room. Upon arrival, police confirmed a smoke condition coming from her oven, which was set to the cleaning cycle. After being assured there was no fire and all was good, the homeowner was calm and said she no longer needed help. 

This doesn’t seem right

On April 30, a Fox Run resident reported an unknown person spray painted a white stripe up his driveway all the way up to the house. Police responding said a town employee from the water department was marking lines. Once informed, the caller said he would contact the water department. 

Early morning suspicions 

Very early in the morning on May 2, a caller on Maple Way reported a stranger was parked in front of their home. She said her husband saw the car and became concerned, but the person drove away and was no longer there. Police drove around looking for the described vehicle but didn’t find it. 

This report was made from official reports provided by the Bedford Police Department and the North Castle Police Department

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