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It seems neighbors are having a moment. There’s a nosy neighbor, two music-loving neighbors who like it loud and even a neighbor whose workers were banging away after dusk. Oh, and there’s even a possum playing…you guessed it – possum! Check out this week’s police report to see what your neighbors (and everyone else) have been up to. 

Playin’ possum, milk deliveries and loud music 

Words by Eve Marx

Art by Cara McPartland 


Got milk? 

A McQueen Street, Katonah, resident alerted police to a possible burglary they thought was happening at their neighbor’s on April 15. Police arrived and found out the suspicious individual was a delivery driver leaving milk. 

Are the kids available to chat? 

On April 15, a Bedford man on Court Road contacted police to discuss a custody argument issue he’s having with his ex-wife. He said he’s not been able to speak to his kids for several days and believes she may be trying to take them out of the country. He was advised of legal channels to pursue and a New York State domestic incident report was completed. 

Youth with revoked license drives Jeep over a guard rail 

A Bedford Hills youth, aged 18, was involved in a rollover collision on April 15 on Cross River Road in Bedford. Police say the driver admitted to speeding and not wearing a seatbelt and complained of a head injury. His Jeep “leaped” over the guardrail. Emergency personnel on scene noted bruises on his head and body. Katonah Bedford Hills Volunteer Ambulance transported him to Westchester Medical Center; police issued four summonses, including driving with a revoked license.   

Needs to get a grip 

Police went to a home in Katonah on Cottage Place on April 17 for a reported argument between a couple and their adult son. The parents told police he has difficulty controlling his emotions. All was calm upon police arrival, but they left the residence only to return within the hour when someone reported a male yelling. This time, the young man agreed to allow Katonah Bedford Hills Volunteer Ambulance transport him to Northern Westchester Hospital.

Quirky behavior invites unwanted attention 

On April 17, a caller reported a woman on Cross River Road, Bedford, dancing on the side of the highway and in need of assistance. Police responded and spoke to the dancer who said she was getting her exercise on her way to the train station. She said she would call an Uber to bring her to the train. 

Having too good of a time 

Loud music was reported on April 18 coming from an apartment above a hair salon on Babbitt Road in Bedford Hills. Upon arrival, police could hear music coming from the second floor of the building, but after utilizing the decibel reader, they didn’t think the volume violated any rules. The officer spoke with the woman living upstairs and advised her of the complaint. She said she would turn down the volume, and no further action was taken. 

Slap fighting leads to assault charges

An Armonk man, 31, turned himself into police headquarters following his involvement in a physical altercation at a medical facility in Bedford Hills on Cherry Street on April 3. Police charged him with assault after he struck a staff member at the facility in the face. The victim, a Mahopac man, was also arrested and charged with assault on April 10. Both men have filed charges against the other, and each have stay-away orders against the other. The second man arrested was released on his own recognizance and is scheduled to appear in court May 8. 

Elderly man victimized by extortionist 

A Brooklyn man, 48, was arrested by Bedford detectives on April 19 at an undisclosed location and charged with grand larceny and extortion. Police say the victim, 70, who lives on Guard Hill Road, came to them a day earlier to report he’d received a message on his laptop from what he believed was Microsoft security alerting him his computer was hacked and that all devices in his home were contaminated. A phone number was provided to address the situation, and the victim called it, believing he was talking to someone from Microsoft. The scam continued as the man was requested to go to his bank and withdraw $28,000 in cash, which he gave to what he believed was a federal courier who came to his door to collect the money. The victim told police he was approached again by the scammer, and that’s when he came to headquarters to report what happened. While talking to detectives, he received a message from the extortionist. The detectives coached him on what to say and helped him arrange a location where the victim and extortionist would meet next. Detectives hid while the transaction was completed and then dove in to make the arrest. The alleged extortionist was brought to headquarters, where he was processed and released on his own recognizance. No date was given for his next appearance in court, and no information was provided if the cash was recovered. 

Food stuck in your throat? Drink water. 

An 83-year-old woman in Bedford, who got food stuck in her throat on April 19, was in the care of EMS when police arrived. She declined further attention after emergency personnel helped her drink water until the object passed through her esophagus. 

Playin’ possum 

An opossum reported sick on April 21 on Adams Street in Bedford Hills appeared sleeping and in good health when police responded. 

Kids being kids 

On April 21, a caller on Old Post Road reported a fight in progress behind the Bedford Playhouse. When police arrived, the caller said it was some male teens who’d just had dinner at a nearby restaurant and were “horsing around” and playing tag – they were definitely not fighting. 

North Castle 

Two activated burglar alarms, two days 

On April 12 A burglar alarm was activated at a home on Orchard Drive. Police said it was set off in error by the homeowner. Another burglar alarm was activated at a home on Thornewood Road on April 13. This one was set off in error by a housekeeper. 


On April 13, an Emmalon Avenue caller complained about someone playing music loudly, depriving the caller of their sleep. Police spoke to the music players who said they would dial it back. 

No deer here 

A caller on Bedford Road April 14 told police they’d struck a deer. An officer responding to the area didn’t see any deer. 

Come and get your gas can 

A caller on April 15 reported a gas can lying in the middle of the roadway on North Broadway. Police responding to the area didn’t see it and assumed whoever lost it came back to get it. 

Time to knock it off 

A caller on Creemer Road on April 16 complained of a loud banging noise. Workers in the area were advised of noise ordinances and to quit as it was after 8 p.m. 

Man acting strangely 

A middle-aged man with blond/gray hair was reported yelling in the street on April 17 on Sarles Street. The caller said he appeared to be mentally ill. Police looked for him without result and thought he might have passed into another jurisdiction. 

This report was made from official reports provided by the Bedford and North Castle police departments. 

Eve Marx
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Eve Marx is a national journalist, book author and writing coach. She has worked with the police and writing police reports for a very long time. She has a master's degree in education from Teachers College, Columbia University and is the author of numerous books, including "101 Things You Didn't Know About Sex" and "Flirtspeak." Her essay collection, "View From the Porch: Tales from the Anti-Hamptons" won a Washington Irving book award. A longtime resident of Westchester, she now makes her home on the west coast, where she lives with her husband, R.J. Marx, a journalist and jazz musician. She is currently working on a crime novel.

Cara McPartland
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Cara McPartland is a sophomore at John Jay High School. In her free time, you can find her listening to music, playing the cello or drawing. "I’ve been drawing since I was a kid, and it’s something I do whenever I have time," she says. "I'm inspired by TV shows, YouTube as well as people in real life (actors, musicians and others). One of my characters is actually based on Taylor Swift; he kind of has the same personality, and is a famous singer as well." Cara is a member of her school’s orchestra, and she spends her weekends working as part of the stage crew for the school productions.