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Best of the Police Report

Eve is on vacation this week, so we compiled some of our favorite incidents over the past two months. Join us as we journey back in time in our first “Best of the Police Report.”

Written by Eve Marx

Compiled by Ava Fleisher

Artwork by Cara McPartland


Let me out 

A woman accidentally locked herself in her own cellar on Feb. 4 at her home in Bedford Hills. She was freed by a police officer who made entry to the building; the woman appeared in pain and disoriented. She was escorted to her apartment, and Katonah Bedford Hill volunteer firefighters arrived to check her out. She declined medical attention at the time. 

Oops, car not stolen 

A Buxton Road resident reported on Feb. 6 that his car was possibly stolen. Police spoke with him, and a short while after he made his report, he said the car wasn’t stolen after all. He said he’d looked at his home surveillance video and realized his wife took the car and their dog to his mother’s home while he was sleeping. 

Crawling in the roadway 

A man was reported crawling in the roadway on North Street on Feb. 20. He told police he fell and couldn’t get to his feet. Police got him up and escorted him home. He declined further assistance. 

Sports rage 

A father and his adult son got into a verbal argument over a soccer game they were watching together on Feb. 23 at their home on Babbitt Road. The son called 911 to avoid further confrontation with his father. Police said the son decided to leave the residence and stay with a friend. A New York State domestic incident report was completed. 

A thirsty thief turns himself in 

A Yonkers man, 35, was arrested on Feb. 29 at police headquarters and charged with petty larceny. Police say he turned himself in two and a half months after stealing five bottles of liquor from a wine and spirits store in Bedford Hills. Police investigating the incident identified him after viewing surveillance video and made contact. He was processed and released on his own recognizance, and he is due to appear in court March 20. 

She hurt my car 

On March 3, an adult male caller reported that a woman threw a stick at his car while he was traveling on West Patent Road. He said at the time he pulled over and saw a scratch on his headlight, but because he had to be somewhere, he continued on his way. He contacted police to say he had dash cam footage of the incident, but by the time he got to headquarters, he’d accidentally deleted that data. He maintained his wish to make a formal complaint but was told that because the car is registered to his mother, she would have to make the report. He said he would speak to her about the matter and might return.

Author to police: help me with my book

A local author working on a crime novel met with the police at headquarters March 8; a lieutenant said the author was looking to authenticate details about a fictional crime he was writing about, not an actual crime as the book is a novel. He said he would bring a copy, as a gift, to the police when the book is published. 

Blame it on wide-legged trousers 

A woman, who told police her pants got caught on the gas pedal, was not injured in a one-car collision on March 10. She was traveling westbound on Bedford Center Road when she said she realized her pants were caught. She tried applying the brake but was unsuccessful, and the car continued to accelerate until she crashed into a utility pole. The car was towed from the scene. 

Boyfriend says, ‘You’re too drunk to hold a baby’ 

Alcohol was involved in an argument at a residence on Rome Avenue, Bedford Hills, on March 12 between a boyfriend and his girlfriend. They told the police they argued because he said she was too intoxicated to hold an infant visiting their home. During their argument, she accidentally lacerated her finger and  Katonah Bedford Hills ambulance personnel ended up transporting her to the hospital. A New York State domestic incident report was completed.  

Horse jumps fence to take a stroll (twice!)

A caller March 21 reported a loose horse on Bedford Center Road. Police arrived and controlled traffic until an employee from the farm where the horse lives wrangled the horse back to the farm.  

A day later, another caller reported a horse was loose on Bedford Center Road. This time an officer used their patrol car to box the horse into an adjacent driveway until the farm worker arrived to bring the horse home. Because it was the second time in two days, the farmhand said he would keep the horse, a fabled jumper, inside its stable until they could determine which part of the fence wasn’t working.

We didn’t start the fire

Bedford fire personnel and police responded to an address on March 30 on Greenwich Road, Bedford for a report of two garbage cans on fire in front of a residence. On arrival, police saw two trash cans consumed in flames. The responding officer extinguished the fire using an extinguisher in their patrol car. The homeowner arrived and seemed bewildered by what happened. Bedford firefighters arrived and attempted to figure out what started the fire. 

Wandering canines

Two loose dogs were reported on March 31 on Pound Ridge Road, Bedford. Police looked for them without result. Shortly after the first call, another caller on Appleby reported a loose medium-sized dark colored dog on their property. A little later that day a caller on Oliver Road, Bedford, reported an uncollared large white dog on their property. By the time police arrived, the dog walked itself home. 

North Castle:

Left home with iron plugged in 

A caller on Kingdom Ridge Road Feb. 17 told police they’d left their home with a clothes iron still plugged in; they didn’t have a friend or neighbor to go to the home to unplug it. Police went to the home and unplugged the iron. 

Car thieves thwarted 

A Pond Lane caller on Feb. 27 said two people wearing gray hooded sweatshirts ran up to their parked car and pulled on the door handles before running off when they realized all the doors were locked. The caller was unable to provide any more information about the pair; police searched the neighborhood without result. 

Activated burglar alarms…but no burglars 

A burglar alarm was activated in the location of a lower floor bedroom window at a home on Palmer Place on March 2. Police went to the residence to check, and all appeared secure. Another burglar alarm was activated the same day on Thornewood Place. Again, on police arrival, nothing seemed out of order. 

The next day, there were three more burglar alarm incidents. 

In the first, a burglar alarm was activated at a home on Cedar Hill Road. Police went to the residence and found an unsecured door. No one was home. The resident arrived, and the home was checked before they entered. It didn’t appear anyone had disturbed the home. For the second, a burglar alarm was activated in a room used as a first floor office at a home on Limestone Road. The house was empty, but all appeared secure. Lastly, a burglar alarm was activated at a home on Henker Farm Lane. The alarm company canceled the alarm prior to police arrival. 

My boyfriend left me, but I’m okay

On March 12, a caller on Washington Avenue notified police that her boyfriend was breaking up with her. She said he’d already left the residence. She wanted the police to know he was gone, there was no dispute and she didn’t require their presence. An officer went to her home to check on her anyway, and said she was fine. 

Trespasser or streaker?

On March 15, a Long Pond Road resident reported that their video surveillance camera caught images of an unknown person running naked across their property. They said nothing was damaged, and they emailed the video to the police.

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Eve Marx is a national journalist, book author and writing coach. She has worked with the police and writing police reports for a very long time. She has a master's degree in education from Teachers College, Columbia University and is the author of numerous books, including "101 Things You Didn't Know About Sex" and "Flirtspeak." Her essay collection, "View From the Porch: Tales from the Anti-Hamptons" won a Washington Irving book award. A longtime resident of Westchester, she now makes her home on the west coast, where she lives with her husband, R.J. Marx, a journalist and jazz musician. She is currently working on a crime novel.

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