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A Horse Goes for A Stroll (Twice!), A Fox Gets Injured and Several Firearms are Missing

Writing by Eve Marx

Artwork by Cara McPartland 


Stolen miles 

On March 18, a Bedford resident reported missing airline miles; American Airlines kindly explained that in the last three months there were nine separate occurrences of unauthorized use of the complainant’s miles. A police report was requested for the airline.   

Help a fox out 

A caller on Pound Ridge Road, Bedford, reported they’d found an injured fox on March 19. They told an officer they were taking the fox to their veterinarian.  

Where’d those guns go?

A caller contacted the police department on March 20 regarding firearms they were trying to sell from their father’s estate. The father, deceased, was a resident on Mclain Street, Bedford Hills. The caller said they were working with the county’s firearms licensing unit to remove the firearms from the home, but there were some guns they couldn’t account for. A report was requested for documentation.

Accidental overdose

On March 20, a 48-year-old male was transported from his home in Katonah after accidentally overdosing on prescription medication. When police and Katonah Bedford Hills ambulance personnel arrived at the home, the man was on his feet but unsteady and unable to follow directions or respond to questions. He was transported to Northern Westchester Hospital by ambulance and left in the care of hospital staff.

Help! My card’s stuck in the ATM

On March 20, a caller reported his bank card was stuck in an ATM on Katonah Avenue. He said he was attempting to withdraw money when the ATM stopped working and an “Out of Order” notification appeared on the screen. Prior to police arrival, he called back and said the machine spit out his card and he didn’t need help.

Horse jumps fence to take a stroll (twice!)

A caller March 21 reported a loose horse on Bedford Center Road. Police arrived and controlled traffic until an employee from the farm where the horse lives wrangled the horse back to the farm.  

A day later, another caller reported a horse was loose on Bedford Center Road. This time an officer used their patrol car to box the horse into an adjacent driveway until the farm worker arrived to bring the horse home. Because it was the second time in two days, the farmhand said he would keep the horse, a fabled jumper, inside its stable until they could determine which part of the fence wasn’t working.

Futile attempt to cut and run

A distressed teenager was reported leaping out of an ambulance and making a run for it on March 21 on Jay Street in Katonah. Upon arrival, police saw the subject being followed by two paramedics. They helped the medical crew capture the youth and return him to the ambulance; he was promptly taken to Four Winds Hospital and placed under their care. 

Say cheese!

On March 21, a caretaker at the Trump-owned estate known as Seven Springs on Oregon Road reported a man taking pictures from his parked vehicle. The caretaker explained that the man was on private property. On arrival, police saw the car was not on private property and was legally parked on the road. Since it was not blocking any traffic or causing any problems, and the operator was not around, police left it alone.

No panhandling

On March 22, a woman was reported panhandling in the vicinity of the ShopRite plaza on Bedford Road in Bedford Hills. A police officer advised her of the local ordinances prohibiting panhandling and left without issue.

A little while later, the same officer encountered the same woman panhandling at another location. She was advised again of ordinances and offered resources, which she declined. She said she would prefer to leave the area.

 Missed an important memo

On March 23, a corrections officer at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility in Bedford Hills came to headquarters to report his corrections badge, uniform and other work-related items were gone from his locker. He told Bedford police he was out of work on workman’s compensation and missed the memo that all lockers had to be cleaned out. He later learned everything in his locker was discarded without his knowledge. A report was made for documentation only.

A lake on Lakeside Drive

Following heavy rain on March 23, extreme water conditions were reported as road hazards. The affected streets were Lakeside Drive in Katonah, Mt. Holly Road in Katonah and Mclain Street in Bedford Hills.

Old hunting arrow raises new concerns

On March 24, a Paddock Lane, Bedford resident reported a hunting arrow they discovered on the edge of the woods near their driveway. They expressed concern that hunters were using their property as an access point. An officer advised them of the calendar for hunting season and suggested the arrow was old and that it was unlikely hunters were currently using their property. The subject was relieved, and no further action was taken.


North Castle

Gunshots reported

Gunshots were reported on March 15 in the vicinity of Long Pond Road. Police responding checked the area and found all was quiet.

White van arouses suspicions

On March 15, a caller on Pond Lane questioned why a white van was parked for so long on their street. Police responding said the van belongs to a contractor who is doing work on a home on the street; they were awaiting the arrival of a construction crew who will use the vehicle.

Trespasser or streaker?

On March 15, a Long Pond Road resident reported that their video surveillance camera caught images of an unknown person running naked across their property. They said nothing was damaged, and they emailed the video to the police.

Hacked email

A Bedford Road resident reported fraud on March 15. They said they received an email from their own email address basically demanding money. All their email and social media accounts were hacked. A report was made for documentation but nothing further. 

And off to the hospital you go

A man, 90, on Rose Hill Drive, was transported to the hospital by ambulance after reporting feeling ill and weak.

What’d he take?

On March 16, a caller on Main Street reported a man carrying a large backpack and wearing a black hat and Nike sweatshirt stole something five minutes earlier. Police scoured the area looking for the individual, but the search was fruitless. Police took depositions and made a report of the incident. What exactly was stolen was not included in the report.

Locked car doors deter thieves

A caller on Hillandale Avenue on March 17 reported her Ring camera recorded someone trying to enter the caller’s car. Luckily for the caller (but not for the thieves), the car was locked, and no entry was made.

Struck a tree, slid into a ditch

On March 17, a caller on Old Orchard Street told police they just witnessed a car striking a tree and then sliding into a ditch. Police and emergency personnel responded and saw airbags were deployed. A tow was called to get the car out of the ditch. The operator refused medical attention and Empire Towing took their car away.

Parakeet escapes

A parakeet was found on the sidewalk on Main Street on March 17. The caller wanted the police to know they had it in case someone reported losing the small bird. The caller said they would continue to care for the bird until further notice. 

This car was stolen

A car was reported stolen from a driveway on March 18 on Sterling Road South. Police took a report from the owner for follow-up.

Wandering canine

A Bedford Road resident brought a small terrier dog to headquarters, explaining that the dog had wandered onto her property. She said she took pictures of the dog and posted them on Facebook in hopes of finding the owner. Police kept the dog with them until the owner was located.

Deer-ly departed

A caller on March 20 reported they’d struck a deer while driving on Banksville Road. They believed the deer was dead on the side of the highway. Upon arrival, police confirmed the deer was dead and out of the roadway, not causing any hazard. They notified the highway department so they could remove the deer.



This report was made from official reports provided by the Bedford and North Castle police departments. 

Eve Marx
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Eve Marx is a national journalist, book author and writing coach. She has worked with the police and writing police reports for a very long time. She has a master's degree in education from Teachers College, Columbia University and is the author of numerous books, including "101 Things You Didn't Know About Sex" and "Flirtspeak." Her essay collection, "View From the Porch: Tales from the Anti-Hamptons" won a Washington Irving book award. A longtime resident of Westchester, she now makes her home on the west coast, where she lives with her husband, R.J. Marx, a journalist and jazz musician. She is currently working on a crime novel.

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Cara McPartland is a sophomore at John Jay High School. In her free time, you can find her listening to music, playing the cello or drawing. "I’ve been drawing since I was a kid, and it’s something I do whenever I have time," she says. "I'm inspired by TV shows, YouTube as well as people in real life (actors, musicians and others). One of my characters is actually based on Taylor Swift; he kind of has the same personality, and is a famous singer as well." Cara is a member of her school’s orchestra, and she spends her weekends working as part of the stage crew for the school productions.