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A vivid imagination, several deer playing in traffic and more false alarms

Writing by Eve Marx
Artwork by Cara McPartland


Possible peeping Tom 

A caller on Middle Patent Road reported a man suspected of being a peeping Tom on March 4. They reported that the man was looking into people’s windows. Police arrived, but the man was gone. The caller claimed that someone picked him up by car, and he left for an unknown destination.

Will work for cash 

On March 8, a man was reported soliciting for work on Katonah Avenue. An employee at a business located in the Katonah Shopping Center said he came into their store looking to do a job in exchange for cash. The employee said they weren’t hiring anyone at the time, and the man left. A report was made for documentation only. 

Couple argues over infidelity 

A New York State domestic incident report was completed after police went to a home on Babbitt Road on March 5 for a couple who reported arguing. Upon arrival, police spoke with the wife, who said the argument, verbal only, was about infidelity. The husband left the residence and didn’t stick around to share his side of the story. 

Author to police: help me with my book

A local author working on a crime novel met with the police at headquarters on March 8; a lieutenant said the author was looking to authenticate details about a fictional crime he was writing about, not an actual crime as the book is a novel. He said he would bring a copy, as a gift, to the police when the book is published. 

Please check on my neighbor 

Police went to a home on Leslie Lane on March 8 after a concerned neighbor requested a welfare check on that resident. The caller said the lights are on all the time, but it didn’t appear anyone was home. The responding officer, who checked the perimeter of the home and saw nothing amiss, happened to have knowledge about the resident and their whereabouts, so they directed the concerned neighbor to contact the resident’s family member for updates. 

Child with a vivid imagination 

On March 8, a child reported they’d been assaulted, and an investigation of the alleged event began. Child protective services, school authorities and the police worked together to verify the information. After a full investigation, it was determined no assault had taken place, and the child possibly has a very active imagination. 

Prayer problems

Police went to a home on Lawrence Avenue on March 9 shortly after 1 a.m., responding to a call from a woman who was concerned that she wasn’t going to be able to pray in the morning. On their arrival, officers spoke with the woman’s husband; he said his wife wasn’t well, and they would be going back to sleep and didn’t need assistance. 

Don’t “day drink” and drive 

A woman, 71, from Somers, was arrested midafternoon on March 9 and charged with driving while intoxicated, her first offense. Police say she was traveling on Bedford Road in Katonah when she struck several parked cars but didn’t stop. A state trooper joined Bedford police to look for her; she was located driving on I-684 with considerable front-end damage. After she was pulled over, she told a Bedford police officer she had a head injury, but there was a strong odor of alcohol on her breath. No field sobriety tests were conducted due to her injury. She was transported to the hospital via ambulance, and an officer followed to issue summonses for drunk driving and property damage. She was left in the care of hospital personnel and is scheduled to appear in court on March 20. 

Safe stolen from church rectory 

Detectives are investigating a report made on March 9 of a safe stolen from the rectory of St. Mary’s Church in Katonah. The contents of the safe are unknown. 

Stolen jewels 

A Bedford Hills resident came to headquarters on March 9 to report jewelry stolen from her home. She said she believes the theft occurred sometime last summer. Police say the missing jewelry is of significant value, and the incident is under investigation. 

Dad’s girlfriend has a problem 

Police went to a residence on Lawrence Avenue on March 10 after receiving a 911 call about an intoxicated female acting scary. Upon arrival, they spoke with an adult male who said he and his dad’s girlfriend argued, and she threatened to kill him. He locked himself in his room, and she grabbed a kitchen knife and began stabbing his door. The police say she was uncooperative and tried to talk over the officers. She was arraigned in Bedford Court, and then, because of her condition, the county crisis team was summoned, and she was transported to the hospital for evaluation. Police left her in the care of hospital staff, and temporary orders of protection were given to both the son and his dad. The woman, 48, from Bedford Hills, was charged with menacing, 2nd degree. She was scheduled to appear in court on March 13. 

Blame it on wide-legged trousers 

A woman, who told police her pants got caught on the gas pedal, was not injured in a one-car collision on March 10. She was traveling westbound on Bedford Center Road when she said she realized her pants were caught. She tried applying the brake but was unsuccessful, and the car continued to accelerate until she crashed into a utility pole. The car was towed from the scene. 

North Castle 

Suspicious vehicle 

A Cedar Hill Road caller on March 1 described a Honda Odyssey with New York plates pulling into their driveway and then suddenly reversing and driving off. The caller, who was not home at the time and saw the car on their home video surveillance, requested police drive by and check their residence. Nothing appeared out of order. 

We’re making a movie

A Business Park Drive caller on March 1 reported cars racing in the area. Two officers responded and spoke with several people who said they were filming for a school project. After a brief discussion, they all left the area. 

Pothole problems 

A huge pothole was reported on March 1; the caller said it took up half a traffic lane on North Broadway. The New York State Department of Transportation was notified to fix it. 

Poor deer

An injured deer was reported on Bedford Road on March 1. It was dead on police arrival. An officer spoke with a person who said they struck the deer, but they didn’t want to file a report. The body was moved to the side of the road, and the highway department was notified for its disposal. 

Two days later, on March 3, a deer carcass was reported on Rt. 22 northbound, just south of Baldwin Road. The correct agency was notified to remove it from the highway. 

Then, three days later (March 6), a person flagged down an officer on patrol in the vicinity of Whippoorwill Road East; they said they’d just struck a deer but their car wasn’t damaged. The person was concerned for the deer, who ran off. Police looked for the animal but couldn’t find it. 

We need our beauty sleep 

On March 2, an early morning caller on Whippoorwill Road East said a new home was being built in the neighborhood, but the workers weren’t abiding by local ordinances about when they could start work. The contractor was advised of noise ordinances. 

It’s baby time

A pregnant woman, whose contractions started on March 2, was transported to the hospital from her home on Main Street. EMS assisted her into the ambulance. 

Activated burglar alarms… but no burglars 

A burglar alarm was activated in the location of a lower-floor bedroom window at a home on Palmer Place on March 2. Police went to the residence to check, and all appeared secure. Another burglar alarm was activated the same day on Thornewood Place. Again, on police arrival, nothing seemed out of order. 

The next day, there were three more burglar alarm incidents. 

In the first, a burglar alarm was activated at a home on Cedar Hill Road. Police went to the residence and found an unsecured door. No one was home. The resident arrived, and the home was checked before they entered. It didn’t appear anyone had disturbed the home. 

For the second, a burglar alarm was activated in a room used as a first-floor office at a home on Limestone Road. The house was empty, but all appeared secure. 

Lastly, a burglar alarm was activated at a home on Henker Farm Lane. The alarm company canceled the alarm prior to police arrival. 

Car crash

Police received multiple calls on March 3 regarding a collision on Bedford Road. On their arrival, police saw a car that had struck a tree. The driver was briefly trapped inside the car but was soon extricated. Callers indicated the car was on fire, but it wasn’t. The driver was transported to the Westchester Medical Center, and the car was removed by tow. 

CPR administered 

A man was reported down on Washington Avenue on March 3. When emergency responders arrived on scene, the female caller was already administering CPR. An ambulance took the man to White Plains Hospital for additional care.

No water pressure 

A caller on Half Mile Road on March 4 reported she had no water pressure at her residence. An officer arrived and said there was no obvious problem with the town water supply and she needed to call a plumber. 

This is not a public toilet

A caller on Main Street on March 4 reported someone urinating on their property. They said the man, and it was a man, was dressed in a bright red sweatshirt. The caller told police they asked the man to leave, but he wouldn’t. Police gave him a free ride to somewhere else. 

Doggy, go home 

A German shepherd running loose on Birdsall Farm Drive on March 5 was reported growling at a woman out walking her dogs. Police arrived and returned the shepherd to its own residence. 

Baby accidentally locked inside car 

A mom accidentally locked her infant inside her car on March 6 while parked on North Broadway. She was assisted by police, who got the car door opened. No harm befell the infant. 

These reports were made from official reports provided by the Bedford Police Department and the North Castle Police Department. 

Eve Marx
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Eve Marx is a national journalist, book author and writing coach. She has worked with the police and writing police reports for a very long time. She has a master's degree in education from Teachers College, Columbia University and is the author of numerous books, including "101 Things You Didn't Know About Sex" and "Flirtspeak." Her essay collection, "View From the Porch: Tales from the Anti-Hamptons" won a Washington Irving book award. A longtime resident of Westchester, she now makes her home on the west coast, where she lives with her husband, R.J. Marx, a journalist and jazz musician. She is currently working on a crime novel.

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Cara McPartland is a sophomore at John Jay High School. In her free time, you can find her listening to music, playing the cello or drawing. "I’ve been drawing since I was a kid, and it’s something I do whenever I have time," she says. "I'm inspired by TV shows, YouTube as well as people in real life (actors, musicians and others). One of my characters is actually based on Taylor Swift; he kind of has the same personality, and is a famous singer as well." Cara is a member of her school’s orchestra, and she spends her weekends working as part of the stage crew for the school productions.