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Couples fight & thievery

in Bedford

Dogs on the loose & balls damage property

in North Castle

Writing by Eve Marx
Artwork by Cara McPartland


Cartoon-loving thief arrested 

A Bronx man, 44, was arrested on Feb. 19 at police headquarters and charged with petty larceny. Police say surveillance video inside a gas station market on Haines Road, Feb. 2, captured the man removing a cartoon-figure keychain and an energy drink from a refrigerated case and a display unit and leaving the store without paying. Surveillance cameras also caught images of his car parked outside and his license plate. Police reached out, and the man came to police headquarters, where he admitted he had thieved. He was processed and released on his own recognizance, and he was given a summons to appear in court on March 20. 

Check stolen from mailbox 

On Feb. 14, a Cliffield Road resident reported a check was stolen from their mailbox and altered to a much different amount by an unknown third party who attempted to cash the check. The bank declined to complete the transaction, and the complainant is not out any money. A report was made for documentation only. 

Boyfriend locks himself inside pickup truck

Police went to a home on Babbitt Road on Feb. 15 after a couple argued over their living arrangements. Police say the girlfriend, 28, became upset, and the boyfriend, 34, locked himself inside his pickup truck. Due to a language barrier, a Spanish speaking officer was requested from the county police, and a mobile crisis team intervened to speak with the girlfriend. The crisis team provided her with resource information on how to best handle her deteriorating relationship. A New York State domestic incident report was completed.

Mom thought she smelled marijuana and flipped out 

Police were summoned to a residence on Feb. 15 on Twin Lakes Road for a mother/son argument. They spoke with the mom, who said her son and his friend, both in their teens, were possibly smoking marijuana in her home. She said she verbally clashed with her son, which resulted in a 9-1-1 call. After speaking with all parties, the mother said the friend could stay over and she would leave both kids alone for the rest of the evening. Police said there was no evidence of marijuana being used in the home at that time. The next morning, police returned to the residence after the mother reported that her hand was injured during an argument with her son. Paramedics treated her on the scene and then transported her to Northern Westchester Hospital. A New York State domestic incident report was completed. 

It’s only a ticket, sir 

On Feb. 16, a man was reported locked in a Bedford Courthouse bathroom, and he was said to be cursing and screaming; he was calm when officers arrived. The caller said the man was first seen in the parking area of the courthouse, loudly shouting. He told officers he was there to pay a ticket. They told him to come back at a later time. 

Word of advice: don’t plan a trip with your ex 

A divorced couple planning a trip together called police to a home in Bedford Hills on Feb. 17. The exes told the police they argued when they couldn’t find their passports. They said they would figure it out and agreed to stay away from each other for the rest of the day. A New York State domestic incident report was completed. 

Don’t look up—there’s ice on the roof 

A dangerous ice condition on the roof was reported at ShopRite on Bedford Road on Feb. 17. Police arrived and confirmed the condition. Bedford Hills firefighters arrived to remove the ice. 

Husband took wife’s phone 

On Feb. 18, police went to a home on Harris Road after a woman reported that her husband took her phone when he couldn’t find his own. He then left their residence to go to another home he owns in Mount Kisco. Police made contact with the husband, who acknowledged he did have his wife’s phone; with the help of the officer, the phone was returned.

North Castle 

One dog, two dogs on the loose 

A dog was reported running at large early in the morning on Feb. 9 in the vicinity of Wampus Ave. The dog control officer responded and located the dog, who was already back with its owner. While on the scene, the dog control officer received another report about a second loose dog in the area. That dog or its owner could not be found. 

Get that snow off of my bushes! 

On Feb. 13, an Evergreen Row resident reported that employees of a snowplow company dumped snow on his bushes. The plow company owner was contacted and said he would send employees back to remove the snow and correct the situation. 

Stay out of my dumpster 

On Feb. 9, a caller on Bedford Road reported someone illegally dumped artwork in his dumpster. Police said the artist’s signature was on every canvas. Police spoke to two individuals connected to the artwork who denied the dumping. The caller was advised to notify the police if more art showed up in his dumpster. 

Stop, thief! 

On Feb. 9, a pharmacy on Main Street reported that a bearded man in a red jacket stole items from the drugstore. The employees said if he was caught, they weren’t interested in pressing charges. A report was made for documentation only. 

Cashed checks without permission 

A Bedford Road resident reported fraud on Feb. 9. They said an unknown party cashed checks using the reporting party’s identity. It’s unclear if the reporting party is out any money. 

Check stolen from mailbox 

On Feb. 9, a Cedar Hill Road resident reported that an unknown person stole a check from her mailbox. No further information was provided. 

Teen threw basketball, dented car 

On Feb. 9, a caller on Main Street told police a teenager threw a basketball at her car, denting it. She requested a report be made for her insurance.

Golf balls strike house 

A Rockwood Place caller, on Feb. 10, reported an errant golf ball struck his house. The caller was aggrieved because this was the second time this happened in two days. Police responded and soon located the source of the culpable balls; they negotiated a conversation between the homeowner and the golfer. 

Stolen car 

A Sarles Street resident, on Feb. 10, reported a car was stolen from their property. A report was made. 

More loose dogs 

Police responded to a report on Feb. 10 of two Golden Retrievers reported loose and on the run on Round Hill Road. Neither dog was located. 

A Hidden Oak Road caller on Feb. 11 reported a black Labrador retriever showed up unannounced at his residence. He invited the dog inside. Police arrived and recognized the dog as a resident of Bayberry Road, and they reunited the dog with its owner. 


On Feb. 11, two men wearing black bubble jackets and black pants were reported standing outside a convenience store on North Broadway, peddling. They refused to leave when store employees requested they beat it. The pair were gone before police arrived, and they were unable to be located. 

Attempted car theft 

A Clove Road caller on Feb. 14 reported his home surveillance camera picked up someone attempting to enter his wife’s car, which was parked and locked in their driveway. The caller said something that frightened the potential car thief, and they ran off. The almost carjacker was described wearing a jacket, jeans and work boots and carrying a backpack. Police searched the area without results.

Boyfriend arrested for assault 

On February 14, a woman called the police to report that her boyfriend had assaulted her and that she was hiding in the bathroom. She claimed that he ripped her nightgown from her body. Police responded to the residence and found both parties on the scene. The boyfriend was arrested, and a New York State domestic incident report was completed. 

This report was made from official reports from the Bedford and North Castle police.

Eve Marx
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Eve Marx is a national journalist, book author and writing coach. She has worked with the police and writing police reports for a very long time. She has a master's degree in education from Teachers College, Columbia University and is the author of numerous books, including "101 Things You Didn't Know About Sex" and "Flirtspeak." Her essay collection, "View From the Porch: Tales from the Anti-Hamptons" won a Washington Irving book award. A longtime resident of Westchester, she now makes her home on the west coast, where she lives with her husband, R.J. Marx, a journalist and jazz musician. She is currently working on a crime novel.

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Cara McPartland is a sophomore at John Jay High School. In her free time, you can find her listening to music, playing the cello or drawing. "I’ve been drawing since I was a kid, and it’s something I do whenever I have time," she says. "I'm inspired by TV shows, YouTube as well as people in real life (actors, musicians and others). One of my characters is actually based on Taylor Swift; he kind of has the same personality, and is a famous singer as well." Cara is a member of her school’s orchestra, and she spends her weekends working as part of the stage crew for the school productions.