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We spent Saturday, June 29 at Caramoor’s American Roots Festival and heard many incredible musicians perform. The weather was perfect – a bit cooler than normal and overcast, and we met people from all over New York, New Jersey and even Pennsylvania who came to Katonah specifically for this event. We asked some of them what song best described their day at Caramoor. Here’s what they had to say. 

Lucinda Manning, Ossining

Connect To: What song best describes this day?

Lucinda: Oh man. You will laugh at me. I’ve been listening to that song “Florida!!!” I don’t like Taylor Swift, but this song is amazing!

Connect To: I’m not going to laugh at you, but if you don’t like Taylor Swift then what is it about this song? 

Lucinda: It’s probably because I always like Florence and the Machine. And that song is like an ear worm in my ear. So it wouldn’t normally be the song I choose, but I can’t get it out of my mind.

Jason Pignatiello, Waccabuc

Connect To: What song best describes this day?

Jason: “Beautiful Day” by U2.

Connect To: One of our favorites. So why is this day beautiful?

Jason: It’s not as hot as it was last week. Plus, we’re here enjoying some amazing music at Caramoor. It’s just a beautiful day.

Denise Simon, South Salem

Connect To: What song best describes this day?

Denise: I Love Music by The O’Jays.

Connect To: I guess you’re in the right place then. 

Denise: Yes! I love music, and today is all about music.

Bruce Figler, Pleasantville

Connect To: What song best describes this day?

Bruce: “Beautiful Day” by U2.

Connect To: Great choice! Why are you having a beautiful day?

Bruce: There’s great music, beautiful people and the weather held up.

Harriet Kohn, Dobbs Ferry

Connect To: What song best describes this day?

Harriet: “Feeling Groovy” by Simon & Garfunkel.

Connect To: Otherwise known as “The 59th Street Bridge Song.” Nice. So, why are you feeling groovy today?

Harriet: The weather is pleasant. I’m with nice company. I like the music, and I’m representing an organization that I believe in.

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