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We thought we knew what a speaker was before we stepped into Entertainment Technology in Mount Kisco. Turns out, we were wrong. Sound matters.

High-quality speakers allow you to hear more details from your favorite musical artists. The subtlety of the drums keeping the beat, the nuance of a full brass ensemble in a rock song, the rhythm of multiple guitars – high-quality speakers give you those details that makes listening to music fun. 

And when you’re watching a movie, hearing the soft footsteps in the attic can help build suspense, the subtle dripping of a faucet will add another element to the story or the distant squeals of excitement will build your enthusiasm. It’s not viewing, it’s experiencing.

In other words, your TV’s speakers or your Amazon Echo just doesn’t cut it. If that’s all you’ve got, you’re missing out. 

So I took a tour through Entertainment Technology and learned about the various equipment that will allow you to appreciate the music and movies that musicians, sound engineers and producers spent countless hours perfecting. Admittedly, it was a lot for me to take in. 

Car comparisons were repeatedly thrown into the conversation during our visit, which helped us understand such a complicated subject. So step into the audiophile car dealership with me and explore some of the sensory overload that Entertainment Technology provides.

The Bugatti of sound

Have a million dollars to spare? Then you can have the  very best audio experience possible. A dCS Vivaldi DAC along with a D’Agostino pre-amplifier and a gorgeous set of speakers by Wilson Audio will do the trick.  It truly is the Bugatti of home audio.

Audiophiles take a purchase like this so seriously that customers of Wilson Audio are offered a flight to Utah to visit the factory itself and watch your speakers be built. Audio equipment on this level involves handcrafted design, and not a single detail is overlooked. 

What does it all sound like?

The answer is that it’s as realistic as anyone can have without Mick Jagger dropping by for tea. You will feel like Taylor Swift is singing about her latest breakup right in your living room, or that ABBA is belting out “Dancing Queen” just for you. You might even hear things in the music that you’ve never heard before. 

Maybe a BMW will do

The next level down might be a large drop in price, but not necessarily in quality. High-end brands like McIntosh, Moon, and Rotel provide stellar home entertainment sound for only tens of thousands (rather than hundreds).

The difference? 

The sound will continue to be absolutely phenomenal. Friends will still make “ooh” and “aah” noises at the sight of your audio shrine. No, you might not hear the sound of Rick Rubin clicking his pen while recording the Beastie Boys, but “No Sleep Till Brooklyn” will still shake the walls and spill martinis at your next party.

Sometimes a Honda is all you need

While the audio love at Entertainment Technology may border on religious, there are still many affordable options for regular people with regular needs. A few thousand bucks can deliver a respectable audio experience with quality companies like Sonos pumping clear, gorgeous sound at the simple press of a button. 

There’s no shame here. If you’re not a member of an audiophile cult, the lower priced stereo equipment is still better than most options elsewhere. And yes, you’re still earning the respect from your Bugatti-driving friends, I promise.

Beyond the sound

Part of the experience at Entertainment Technology extends beyond big, booming speakers. This team of entertainment astronauts can steer you towards gorgeous Samsung and Sony televisions, outdoor Stealth displays that rise from your patio flagstone and even home theaters that would make George Lucas jealous. The automation options will upgrade your home from smart to Mensa.

Finally, some people might just like it old school. If that’s you, then check out the variety of turntables to get your vinyl spinning. Don’t worry, you won’t need a grammyphone to listen to your Lil Nas X vinyl. Modern turntables can be wirelessly paired with any speaker. 

No expertise required

It’s okay to go to Entertainment Technology ready to be confused. That’s what makes this local home entertainment store special. The team here is more than just knowledgeable,  they border on obsessive (in a good way, of course).  They’ll walk you through the details and make sure you get the entertainment experience you’re looking for. 

The only thing they can’t help you with is your taste in music. But don’t worry, they won’t tell anyone about your Rick Astley playlist.

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