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Writing  by Laura Hull

Founders’ note: Not everyone is born with the ability to use their voice. Not everyone can easily communicate their thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams. On this page, we’re giving non speaking people in our community the opportunity to be heard. The authors are students at Mouth to Hand Learning Center in Mount Kisco. You can read about Mouth to Hand in the article “Force of Nature.”

Listen to my silence

     There is the love that sings steel.

     There is the faith that rings like stone.

     There is the music of the courageous.

     There is the roar of the indomitable.

     There is the cry of heartache.

     There is the laughter of friendship.

     There is the vision of wisdom. 

     There is a mountain of belief

I will not fail. 

I will not give up.  

I will be heard.

I will mean something.

About this piece:

I wrote “Listen” after hearing Longfellow’s poem, The Light of Stars. To “suffer and be strong” has more meaning to me than I can say with ordinary words. It required the power of a poem to express my feelings. We suffer in silence all our lives. To find strength in the heart of ourselves is an act of supreme courage.  Thank you, Judy, for giving me courage and a voice to act on it.

Laura Hull is a student at M2H in Mount Kisco. If you’d like to read more poetry by Laura and her peers, you can buy “SpellBound: The Voices of the Silent” here. (All profits from the book go to the Mouth to Hand Parent Association, whose mission is to enrich the lives of their students, both socially and educationally.) 

This article was published in the March/April 2024 print edition of Connect to Northern Westchester.

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