Safety First

Our Policy Regarding Precautions and Responsible Behavior

Katonah Connect was created to bring the people of our beloved town together during the challenging days of COVID-19. Our goal is to provide a clutter-free platform that will help our community stay connected to our local businesses and help those in need, either due to supply shortages or financial strain.

However, more than anything else, safety is our top priority. We do not endorse any activities that could exacerbate the spread of the coronavirus in any way or put anyone in unnecessary risk.

Our health rules are as follows:

  • Respect any laws that are currently in place regarding lock downs, quarantines, etc. Please check government websites if you are unsure of anything.
  • Follow all precautions regarding sanitizing items as recommended by the CDC and official government channels.
  • Practice social distancing at all times. This includes donating or picking up items. Porches and mailboxes are great places to leave items.
  • If you are sick or exhibit any symptoms of the coronavirus, do not participate in any donations and follow CDC and official government orders.

Our standard social rules are as follows:

  • Please be kind and polite to each other. We’re all a bit anxious right now, but let’s not take it out on each other.
  • Exercise caution when communicating with anyone you do not know.
  • Katonah Connect is not responsible for any communications or encounters that take place outside of the parameters of the website, including phone conversations, text messages, and in-person.
  • If you are uncomfortable with a posting on our website, please contact us right away so that we can address your issue in an appropriate manner.