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“Hi Susanne, this is John calling from United Auto Warranty to let you know your car warranty expired earlier this month. Would you like to extend your warranty and protect your car for another two years?” 

Be honest — more often than not, your phone is ringing from a spam call rather than a friend. But have you fallen for one? 

Truecaller finds that in one year alone, more than  59 million Americans reported losing money to phone scams, with the average person losing just over $500. 

We headed into Mount Kisco in search of any robocall victims and chatted with a few folks. On average, we found that most were easily able to recognize a scam. In fact, one anonymous woman we spoke with, who says she’s a practicing Jehovah’s Witness, even told us she likes to have a little fun with it. When scammers who she believes are prostitutes call, she asks: “What do you think about all the evilness in the world?”

Here’s what others had to say about the spam calls they’ve received.

Lorraine Wade, White Plains

Katonah Connect: Do you ever receive spam calls?

LW: So, I actually don’t receive any spam calls or messages. (My phone only rings if the contact is in my phone. 

KC: Did you set up your phone to do that? 

LW: Yes, it’s super convenient. 

KC: Did you do that because you were getting a lot of spam calls?

LW: I guess yeah, a long time ago. I had this done for a couple of years now tho. 

KC: Do you ever miss important messages?

LW: No, because if it’s not spam then a number will just pop up on my phone, but it won’t ring. Instead, it just sends them straight to voicemai,  so it gives me the opportunity to call them back. 


Katonah Connect: Do you ever receive spam calls?

S: Always! 

KC: What would you say you get the most? 

S: Renewing car insurance, medicare help, so many.

KC: Have you ever fallen for one?

S: No. I’m 71 — I don’t fall for anything! I’m trained to know all these phony baloneys. 

KC: Is your typical response to just block the number or email address? 

S: Always – a lot of blocks. And then I have a 90-year-old mother-in-law who lives in my garage, and she always gets them. I have to block all her calls. They love to call her, and she loves to argue with them! 


Katonah Connect: Do you ever receive spam calls?

D: Of course – everyone does!

KC: What is the most common spam message you’ve received? 

D: Oh I wouldn’t know, I never look at them. If something comes up and says spam I just delete it. 

KC: Do you ever worry you’re missing an important call or message? 

D: No. If they want to get a hold of me that bad, they’ll figure it out. 

KC: Does the same go for email and text? 

D: Don’t do emails – I’m old school! Text I do, but only for family and friends. Once you have stuff like email you’re just opening yourself up to even more.

Mimi Wieland-Tesfaye(Owner of Mimi’s), Bedford Village 

Katonah Connect: Do you ever receive spam calls?

MW: I do, a lot! Mostly from Con Edison saying, “If you don’t pay your bill, we’re going to shut off your electricity.” Obviously, the first time I got it, I panicked. Now, I just tell them to go find a new job or hobby and hang up! I also get some saying they will help me list my business on Google. 

KC: Have you found a solution for the spam calls?

MW: I block them on my cell. But I can’t on the business phone. I haven’t looked into it, but I’m not sure you can even block them on a business phone. I have that number posted everywhere too, because I want people to find it. 

KC: Has anyone at the business ever fallen for one?

MW: No, not all the way through at least! I do remember getting the first Con Edison call on a Saturday afternoon and a worker picked up the phone. She was like “Oh my God – it’s Con Edison – they’re going to shut off the electric!” 

KC: How often does the business phone receive them?

MW: All the time! Probably every day or twice a day. I’d say for every 10 phone calls, two or three of them are spam.

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