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The holidays are a time for friends, family, shopping, food, and fun. Make no mistake, we’re down for all of that. But the holidays are also an ideal time to take stock of our lives, support our community, and help others. For our first holiday issue, we devoted a great deal of attention to local charities in the Northern Westchester area. Each charity does incredible work to better the lives of children, adults, and animals, facing disease and daily challenges head on.

We also gave a spotlight to the many fantastic businesses in our community. Whether it’s a delicious restaurant or a local store for holiday shopping, there are so many incredible places for people to enjoy this season. Grab a few memorable gifts and enjoy a well deserved dinner on the way home. Fortunately our “Shop Local” sections and 2022 Holiday Gift Guide will provide the perfect suggestions.

Our Covers

Our front cover this issue is simple yet direct. Designed by creative director and owner Justin Negard, these modern forms showcase the bright glow that comes with the holiday season. Around the bright star shape is a collection of colorful patterns symbolizing community and celebration. Some see Times Square, others see a Christmas star. We’ll let you find your own meaning.

The back cover for this issue is “Ground Level” by Richard Chandler. This oil on canvas masterpiece splashes color and motion to the streets of New York City. Chandler’s style is unforgettable and truly unique.

From The Heart

A look at our 2022 charity photoshoot. See the behind the scenes and learn more about the wonderful charities that we have had the honor of spotlighting in this issue.

Once again, we want to thank Essie Cohen Makeup, The Hair Wharf, The Community Studio in Katonah, This & That Vintage, George Couri (for the use of the house), Glenn DeFaber (for the use of his Porsche) and so many awesome businesses throughout the area who lent products and their time to help make this happen.

Fernando Silva’s Studio

Sommelier and painter Fernando Silva took us into the bizarre and silly wine-imbibed studio space that he creates his fantastic work. We were honored to have our magazine christened by his infamous splashes of wine.

The Farmer’s Grind

Take a peak into the ever fresh and delicious Farmer’s Grind in South Salem. Have a tour, view some of the great options on the shelf, and watch us make a latte or two (or three).

Holiday Blues

Enhance your mood with some great tips from Elizabeth Kemler. These are excellent strategies to, not only handle holiday stress, but daily stress throughout the year. We recommend starting here.

We have many other wellness-related topics to discuss.

Artwork by Sam Karlin

Impossible Noodles

Impossible Noodles

Serves 2-3 people Ingredients 4 oz. dry Dandan noodles 1 lb. Impossible beef 2-3 Tbsp. chili oil, plus more for the noodles Cilantro Splash black vinegar Fried scallions Peanuts Fried Shallots (optional) 2 Tbsp of a neutral flavored such as canola or grapeseed oil 2 shallots Homemade chili oil (optional) 1 cup of a neutral flavored such as canola or ...
It Takes A Village

It Takes A Village

A week before Christmas, the kitchen staff at Mt. Kisco’s Village Social come in to work a bit earlier and stay a bit later each evening to prepare holiday meals for those less fortunate. They're doing their part to support The Westchester Christmas Dinner, and last year they prepared all the meals for 235 local families and people living alone ...
Playing His Deck of Cards

Playing His Deck of Cards

One Saturday morning in early November 2020, Fernando Silva, the wine director of Bedford’s Glen Arbor Golf Club, was at home when he received a phone call from Grant Gregory, the club’s president. “He asked me if I was around the next afternoon," Silva recalls. “I said yes. Then he asked me if I could bring my best paintings to ...
Dear Luz #1

Dear Luz #1

https://connecttomag.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/Luz.jpg Dear Luz, I can’t help it, I’m jealous of my best friend. She seems to have it all – the perfect husband, the perfect kids, the perfect life. Meanwhile, my life can best be described as “one hot mess.” My husband doesn’t appreciate all that I do, my kids fight constantly and I’m always late, underdressed and put my ...
November December 2022 Gift

November December 2022 Gift

Thank you for your support We are so grateful to you, the readers of Katonah Connect. As thanks for your support, we teamed up with some of the best businesses and services in our community to bring you some great seasonal offers ...

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