Opening: Perspectives featuring The New York Collage Ensemble
18 May 03:00 PM
Until 18 May, 05:00 PM 2h

Opening: Perspectives featuring The New York Collage Ensemble

Join us on Saturday May 18 from 3 to 5pm to celebrate the New York Collage Ensemble and their recent work featured in Perspectives.

All are welcome. Please RSVP.

Artwork images and additional information here.

The New York Collage Ensemble (NYCE) was established to create a supportive community of collage artists who can provide connection, collaboration, and inspiration for one another. With this mission in mind, NYCE provides a platform for artists of diverse backgrounds who work in a variety of styles and mediums, including mixed media, textiles, analog, and digital collage.

Perspectives highlights the collage and mixed media work of the seven NYCE artists. Their work uses a variety of materials from paper and canvas to textile and found objects. Each artist has their own unique voice and focus such as nostalgia, the human body, real or imaginary architecture, nature, and social justice to represent what is at the core of our lives.

The seven founding members of the NYCE have exhibited their work as a collective in two international group shows: at the Scandinavian Collage Museum in Berkak, Norway, and at the Parc Floral de Paris in Paris, France. They recently exhibited at the Judy Black Park in Washington, CT, and at Sarabeth’s Upper West Side in Manhattan.

The NYCE Artists are Stacey Burgay, Meghan Larimer, Susan Lerner, Orit Mardkha-Tenzer, Isabelle Milkoff, Carol Paik, and Amy Putman.

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