Mead Chapel Meditation (FREE)
19 May 01:00 PM
Until 19 May, 02:00 PM 1h

Mead Chapel Meditation (FREE)

The Mead Chapel will once again be hosting a monthly meditative worship service. This will be a time of prayers, music, quiet time and a reflection on a topic that is universal – eg. compassion, generosity, giving thanks.

The service will be led by The Rev. Dr. Martha Jacobs, Senior Minister of First Congregational Church (FCC) in Chappaqua. Rev. Jacobs was a hospital chaplain and believes that communal worship can be an individual’s opportunity to connect with whatever higher power they believe in.

This non-denominational service will include music played by Keith Robellard, long-time Minister of Music at FCC (on the Chapel's 1947 Hammond electric organ).

Come and join us for this 30-minute time of reflection, music and quietude, as we seek to focus on what brings us together, at a time when peace and community are needed to help heal our world.

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