Grow Your Own Ferns
06 Apr 01:00 PM
Until 06 Apr

Grow Your Own Ferns

Learn how to grow your own ferns from spores with Linda Rohleder and Richard Pillar.
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Take your native plant growing skills to the next level. In this hands-on workshop, learn how to grow native ferns from spores with Wild Woods Restoration Project.

We will discuss fern identification principles, fern lifecycle, and how to collect spores. We will also touch on the importance of native plants and how growing ferns from spores helps maintain genetic diversity. Finally, we will learn and practice a simple technique to sow our spores.

Participants will leave with containers of sown spores of two different local, native species. The small 5"x5" containers should be placed at a window in indirect sunlight and will need care for 1-2 years indoors before the ferns will be ready to go outside. Participants will need to obtain their own misting spray bottle to use at home after the spores germinate.

This class is designed for adult participants. Space is limited to 20 ppl.
$40 per participant. Registration required.

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