Summer is almost here! While we always welcome those warmer, longer days and all the fun that comes with them, we don’t love the damage it can do to our hair and skin (dry, frizzy hair and acne is never a good look). So we sat down with a few local experts – Jennifer and JoAnna Sciarrino of Derma Glow Spa and Boutique in North Salem, Madi Tiso-D’Aquanni of the Hair Wharf in Katonah and Kelly Marmo of Visions Salon in Cross River to get their top tips for looking your best while enjoying your favorite summer activities.

1. Sunscreen is a must

First thing’s first, don’t forget about sunscreen! 

But don’t use any ordinary sunscreen. According to Jennifer and JoAnna Sciarrino, owners of Derma Glow Spa and Boutique, choose an option that also offers added benefits, like MD Solar Sciences’ SPF 50 Mineral Cream, which uses Vitamin C and natural antioxidants such as green tea, pomegranate and cranberry extracts. “Nourish your lips too,” says the Sciarrinos. They recommend MD Solar Sciences’ Hydrating Sheer Lip Balm with SPF 30 in the color blush.

2. Splurge on conditioner

The key to perfect summer hair is a good, quality conditioner. Excessive heat from the sun and the chemicals or minerals in water can damage your hair, so the right conditioner really makes a difference. “Use more of a deep conditioner and make sure you rinse your hair really well to wash out all the chlorine or saltwater,” advises Kelly Marmo of Visions Salon, “We love the Moroccanoil products; they’re really hydrating and moisturizing.” 

3. Protect your color-treated hair with a hair mask

As much as we may love summer, color-treated hair does not. Not only can the sun lighten your hair, but chlorine and saltwater can strip the color. To nourish and protect your hair, Madi Tiso-D’Aquanni of Hair Wharf says to use a hair mask, and she recommends Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector (to use, leave in your hair for at least 10 minutes then rinse, shampoo and condition) or Saints & Sinners Velvet Divine Hair Masque (when showering, put in your hair after shampoo and before conditioner).

4. Protect your hair from hot air

When drying or styling your hair, Marmo says to “always put a protector on your hair before using heat.” A product such as Moroccanoil Perfect Defense Spray will guard your hair from damage that may be caused by a blow dryer, curler or straightener.

5. Use dry shampoo to prevent oily hair

Speaking of blow drying, for those with long or thick hair, you know blow drying can be a hassle (and a pretty intense arm workout!). To save you the time and struggle, after getting your summer blowout, add some dry shampoo. Using dry shampoo in freshly washed hair may sound crazy, but dry shampoo can also act as damage-control and prevent oily hair. 

D’Aquanni of Hair Wharf explains, “I like to put dry shampoo on a fresh blowout because if the dry shampoo is already on your hair, the oils won’t come out.” 

She also says that if your hair’s starting to look flat, sprinkle some dry shampoo before bed and tie your hair up in a loose bun while you sleep. “When you wake up the next day, it looks like freshly blown out hair,” she says. She recommends the dry shampoos from Saints & Sinners or milk_shake.

6. Wash and exfoliate

While being active outside is probably the ideal way to spend a beautiful summer day, it’s also the easiest way to expose your skin to dirt, sweat and debris that can clog your pores. The Sciarrinos warn, “With outdoor activities and sports, acne can occur on the face, chest and back.”

They say the best way to keep your skin clear in the summer is to cleanse with body wash and an exfoliator immediately upon returning home. When using body wash, lather up with a sponge or loofah for extra exfoliation, stand away from the water for at least two minutes, then rinse. You should exfoliate your body three or four times a week.

According to the Sciarrinos, Neutrogena’s Body Clear body wash works well. Just make sure to buy the original version, with no fancy fragrances. For your face, they recommend using a gentle exfoliator on your face and neck once or twice a week. 

To wash your face and neck, they say the Crystal Peel Microdermabrasion Exfoliating Creme is a must, and for your body, check out their very own Two Chicks whipped pumice scrubs

7. Keep frizz at bay with a keratin treatment

For hair that’s prone to summer frizz, stop by Hair Wharf to get a keratin treatment. “The keratin is a huge success for the summer,” says D’Aquanni. ”We have a lot of clients coming in for it.” A keratin treatment will do more than just smooth and straighten your hair, it will also “cut your blow dry time in half,” she explains.

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